29 November, 2008

me and my interest

The other day i asked my other half what does he thinks of me nowadays compared to ten years previously... he told me he loves me more each passing day and that to tell the truth i looked even better than 10 years ago hehehehehehehe (that makes me feel warm all over and a bit embarassed)

To tell the truth 10 years ago i have no interest in grooming myself at all that the only makeup i could never live without is a 2 way cake powder, lipstick and eye liner that's it... this is the only 3 essential make up items i have in my handbag wherever i go (i've always has been an ardent fan of perfumes so i collected a lot of perfumes over the years)

Only lately about 6 months before i've had any interest in make up at all, i started studying how to put eyeshadow, what a make up base corrector is, how to apply the blusher etc., hahaha no wonder my hubby says that he also told me if people were to look at me they better look at my face only because that's the best part the rest is getting bigger and bigger i resemble GLORIA the hyppo in the madagascar cartoon movie (huh how dare he puts it that way....)

hmmmm giving it a lot of thought lately and i think i will go on a mission i don't know whether i'ts MISSION IMPOSSIBLE or what but I'M GOING ON A DIET and exercise regime and slim down so i can go back to my 30 size jeans huhuhuhuhu wish me luck i'll keep a daily update and this day on the 29/11/2008 i vow i'll stop eating rice for starters until i get to my desired weight insya'llah

ehem what sparks this motivation is that last nite my darling asked me he's going to give me a bonus for being a good wife and mother to his kid but i have to decide what's to use the money for and he gave me this 2 option whether to go to a SLIMMING CENTRE or go for a HOLIDAY hmmmmm i tot a long time thinking should i be selfish and go on a holiday shopping spree? or should i go to a slimming centre all expenses paid........ so after thinking and mulling about it for about an hour i told my darling be it like this i'll go on a diet and exercise regime if i drop down 5 kg u bring me for holidays we shake on it so we'll see whether i succeed or not....

this is a picture of me before i go on a diet hehehehehehehehe

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kak ina, remember P.S I love U?.. the part where the hubby sent the wife and frens to holiday trip.. this case, i'm one of the frens. u should ask for this. theeheehee :D

haslina razali

hahahahahaha my hubby kalau dia tau takleh bagi dia selalu nyanyi lagu nih
dream....... dream dream dream

My pride and joy

My pride and joy

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