22 December, 2008

sunday 21/12/2008 activities

nasi lemak
this is my hubby's makteh restaurant...
what's left of the prawn mee
hmmmm eating with full concentration on their faces huh?

i cooked nasi lemak for breakfast and also to be brought along for the picnic by the sea
actually the original plan was to be in kl on sat and sun becoz my hubby wanted to go to the motorshow in sel somewhere so we were packed and ready to go but unfortunately a few events unfold that sat such as;
1. i have to go into the office for awhile to settle some matters (actually until 2.00pm)
2. since i went to the office my hubby went to have the car service and the service centre discovered that there's something that needed to be change unfortunately the part is unavailable and had to be ordered and can only arrive on monday so my hubby called up and tells me that the plan to go to kl is cancelled bestfriend whom i haven't met for nearly 10 years arrived in penang with her families so i decided to give her a surprise visit by doing all the plan with her very very lovely sis in law kak rohana... and the look on her face when i arrived at the gurney drive eatery stall was pure joy hahahahahaha she cried and hugged me and couldn't let go.... on sunday my hubby declared that whomever wants to follow him to the beach better pack and be ready in 30 min... imagine the chaos that ensued at that announcement... it was rather funny watching my kids scrambles to be ready in 30 min....
5. so the whole day is spent by the sea at batu feringghi, then we went on to teluk bahang to see the fisherman's village activities, stop by teluk kumbar for prawn mee (at my hubby's auntie shop) then we went on to the Pulau Pinang festival and we got home really late and tired everybody slept like a log unfortunately for me i have to go to work sighhhh....

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My pride and joy

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