02 January, 2009

penang penang

aaarrrgghhh even i got a headache seeing this thing twirling and turning not on my life would i ever go on one of these hehehehehehehe
suraya on the merry go round
this is the ride my son want to go up on see he's the one in black
nope my doters disagree to go here becoz i don't know girls will always be girls
all kind of rides there just have to buy the token and queue away hehehehehehe

IF ever any of you decided to come to penang for HOLIDAY during school holiday IN DEC you must (must must must) booked a hotel in advance becoz believe it or not it's all fully booked and just not becoz penang is one of the main tourist attraction in this northern area of course MAJOR TOURIST ATTRACTION but becoz it's also coincides with the PENANG FESTIVAL and it's a month long festivities with various stall set up all for your shopping pleasure and what not (it's really cheap and i really recommend you go there if you're ever find yourself the opportunity to visit penang) but i really hate to park my car becoz there's so many people going on to this festival...and parking drive us nuts...we have to circled the parking around several times and only managed to park so far away that i'm out of breath by the time we reach the PESTA PENANG area ihiks....

My pride and joy

My pride and joy

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