07 October, 2009

The art of saying THANK YOU

Aku suka pikir kalau lah sume org dalam dunia ni boleh cakap TERIMAKASIH even for very miniscule thingy done on our behalf then this world could be a more better place u know what i mean or not? .... tak faham eh....let me elaborate.... i teach my children to say thank you even if i only picked up a their dirty socks from the floor... u pernah tak rasa nak marah sebab tengok stokin kotor sepah atas lantai only to get that feeling slowly simmers down because u heard your children says...TQ MAMA tolong kutip stokin adik tu....adik ingat nak amek tadi tapi adik terlupa yelah ko kan president kecik dalam rumah tu manyaklah aktiviti dan keje kan? hik... and imagine the feeling of being appreciated when u masuk keta after bagi depa makan mcD or kay hef C chorusing THANK YOU MAMA in a sing song voice tetiba rasa cam nak patah balik dan belanja lagi sekali muahahahahahahhahahaha.... yup...i'm thankful for a lot of things...great kids and ultra great husband!!!! i got a good life, a roof over our head and even if we've been using that nearly to expiry date CAR but still we got to go almost anywhere we want anytime we feel like it....i got a job me hubby got a job... alhamdullilah laaa and thank you to ALLAH for all the things that we have been blessed with!!!!.... thank you for my hubby for being who you are and thanks kids for making my life worth it for having u guys around ... i always says thank you to my hubby every nite before i go to sleep because am afraid if i failed to wake up one morning then atleast my hubby knows that i appreciates and loves him very much.... at the moment really thankful for the good health i'm blessed with...

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My pride and joy

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