28 November, 2008

found my best friend

To tell the truth i don't have many friends but i treasure the ones that i do have this is simply because for the past decade (gosh has it been 10 years already?)
I've lived in seclusion because of the location of my home which is so far removed from anyone else's home thehehehehehehehe
anyway yesterday after much googling about
I finally found my long lost friend which i've been searching for such a long time that i've become heart broken (macam bercinta plak) but i really do love SHIDAH she's one of my truest friend a gem she's the one i can spend my whole day working with then continue on to gossiping after work it's seems like we never run out of any subject or topics to discuss (that's why later on my gm decided that i have to sit next to ms chong huh because we talked a lot ye shida hahahahahahaha)... dengki tul simon tu kan tapi seingat aku sebab aku keje sana laa simon yg kedekut tu bagi angpau (sebab aku ngan muka tak malunya suggest kat dia bagilah angpow some of the staff siap frame angpow tu sebab simon ni kedekut huhuhuhuhu) dan berkali kali aku buat muka tak malu time nak makan mc d dan pizza free hahahahahahahha tapi yg best org tua tu blanja gak kan kan kan eeeeeee rindunya aku ngan kau shidah tuhan jek yg tau mcm org gila bayang aku for the past few years nih... termimpi mimpi dan everytime lalu bbb aku mesti kata manalah shidah ni sayang i really missed her...

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My pride and joy

My pride and joy

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