30 December, 2008

activities for fri ~ sun

family on the bride's side all resplendent in purple hehehehehehe
this is my cousin hizwan he likes to interframe a lot actually my hubby was trying to capture me
that's my auntie cik simah and his son pushing her on the wheelchair she got her leg amputated
reception from the bride's families member
me and the clan just arrived suddenly i was selected together with sarah as the tray bearers
there's me and sarah
waiting for the bride side to come and fetch the groom ayooooo so hot laa that day

aha my fans heheheheheheh(as if) must've been wondering what happened to me for the past few days huh? actually on friday my makmok's son fayrol is getting married to his fiance who hails from kpg baru, bukit mertajam... supposedly i was to attend the nikah sessions on friday nite after isyak prayer but when i arrived at my cousin's along yan house she told me if don't have to go that nite becoz we can always go on sat for the kenduri so as my maklong (along's yan mother) is there so we had a long chat and instead of eating kenduri we ate and chat at along's yan house and fortunately for us we had the opportunity to meet someone whom i shall elaborate later on in a few days time... hehehehehehe so enjoy the pic at fayrol wedding (note the tray bearer in pink) and the pic on the feringghi beach with my family, cousins and aunties huhuhuhuhuhu....

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eee pink lady bawak bunga ke tuu.. fuhh sib baik... kalu bawak food, ntah ada yg missing kena ngap, takpun glazed dgn air liur HAHAHAHA

haslina razali

hahahahaha ko umi cam tau jek perasaan aku hangin tau aku sibuk nak bawa yg ada buah anggur tuh fuh kalau aku bawa yg tu harus tinggal tangkai jekk

My pride and joy

My pride and joy

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