26 December, 2008

house maintenance

sian anak aku nih mmg kena dera dia
supervisor penat setelah turun dari atas bumbung
tak rela uuuuu i tak handsome hehehehehehehe
respect my son berani betul dia
hmmmm fikir2 apalah nak hadiah kat dia rajin betul
kesian kan dua beranak nih....
free child labour u just have to feed him something he likes
before sealer
the long fences
Front of the house
Can't remember when was the last time we had our home repainted...we usually only paint the inside but we never do the outside since we've been living there for the past few years and the paint are wearing off...since my hubby is on a bit of easy working schedule (meaning he won't have to be at the site all the time) so he's dedicating his time and of course our son time in doing a bit of outside spray painting but before you can paint you have to clean off the previous paint using high pressure water spray.... leave it to dry and paint the sealer so that the paint will be ok for the next 5 years.... so here a pic of the upkeep (mostly of my son and hubby - hey free labour why not hehehehehehehehe) oooo ya my hubby is also doing various jobs around the house our doter bathroom and fish pond (no i don't know when to expect it to finish hopefully somewhere in the near future) hehehehehehehehe

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kak ina takkan tgk sj kot, tak take part mengecat kee.. :p waa ingatkan blog baywatch tadik ehehehehe

haslina razali

kakakakakaka dah agak dah kalau nampak mesti ingat ala ala baywatch kakakakakakakakaka

My pride and joy

My pride and joy

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