16 February, 2009

contact lense

these color is called nudy brown model ch 634
me without lenses and make up hehehehehehe
after using and with makeup not much difference huh?
yup i know my hubby told me i look ok after i wake up every morning so no need to use that much make up hehehehehehehe (i know he's just trying to reduce the cost of make up expenses)

since i care to remember i've been using contact lenses since i can afford them.. i've only ever used the non colored ones once (till i manage to drop it near the sink and can never found it again and for the life of me i'm still wondering to this day where it could have gotten to hehehehe) so that ends my affair with the noncolored stuff and i've been using the colored ones and i regularly alternate between these 3 colors brown, green and grey (no i don't have the courage to use blue becoz to me it looks kinda ridiculous on my asean skin don't u think so? hehehehehe).... til recently i've been using the FRESHKON daily disposable color contact which cost me around 300 permonth to attain 30 pairs for my daily use (i've been lazy i know it totally discard the use to cleanse and restoring them...) but recently i bought these new yearly disposable GEO lenses from KOREA and i think they're rather pretty colors indeed and cost me only rm 37.00 per year and the only expenses i've to endured monthly is for the solution and saline which cost no more than rm50.00 monthly so that's meant i've managed to save (294 x 12 months = 3528.00 - 50 x 12 months + 37.00 = 637.00; 3528.00 - 637.00 = 2891.00) woooo a total saving of 2891 ladies and gentleman just imagine what kinda thingies i can buy with those money saved hehehehe...

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wehh bersinarnya mata sampai blur abis gambo hehehe.. eh napa tak ada beza je gambar mekap dgn tak mekap.. kena mekal tebal lagi la centu.. cepat2 p beli mekap lagi hahahaha

haslina razali

hahahahahah tulah pasal laki aku kata takyah pakai mekap laaa sama jek aku kata i mekap natural mahhhh bagus gak pakai red earth punya products nampak natural jek gebu

My pride and joy

My pride and joy

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