16 February, 2009

my job

My hubby has asked me numerous times to write about my work a bit becoz it's relevant to lots of people... hmmm what can i say? i'm currently working at a workshop that handles insurance claims involving vehicle accidents and others... I've been here for the past few years and i can say that my job is entirely satisfying... for the moment of course.... okay the actual thing is my hubby would like me to remind all my friends that visits this blog to be ready just in case (god forbid i don't wish u bad or anything) but to prepare this essentials items in your vehicles just in case somethings happens (this relates for us in malaysia anyway... don't know about other countries though....)
Please be informed that everytime u renew your car insurance policy and registration card don't forget to have few copies of these items ... (keep 1 in your vehicle...)
1. your updated and current insurance policy
2.your current ic/license
3.if your policy is under another person's name then the policyholder current ic/license
4.updated registration card
5.hire purchase agreement - if any

1. please make sure that your policy does cover your vehicle value according to the current market price becoz if it doesn't then you'll have to fork out some serious cash incase if your policy is underinsured... (cover tak cukup sepatutnya cover 10k tapi bayar for 8k then u kena kuar duit byk juga tau nak cover the expenses to the workshop) this type of things happens to my customers a lot so friends please remember and keep this in mind..(just becoz u failed to pay few hundred you end up paying for thousand of ringgit to cover the expenses)....
2. if you're using a vehicle under another person name (e.g your spouse is paying but u r using hehehehe) then make sure that your name is written down in the policy as a named driver - failed to do so you'll have to fork out rm 400.00 to the insurance company becoz of no named clause - you can even put as many names as you want if i'm not mistaken u just have to add 10.00 ringgit per person only (ok what rather than pay 400.00)....
3. if the person driving is under 21 and still has a P license (lesen percubaan eh?or probationary license the one with the big P) you'll have to fork out 400.00
4. sometimes certain policy have excess and loading for whatever reason they can connect to your car so makes sure to tell the insurance co to tell you this things in advance so u know what u are up against...becoz this amount is coming out from your own pocket be careful...
5. i always advises my clients to go directly to their insurer nearest branch to renew their policy not that i'm against agents or what but becoz it's easier because the insurance co can directly informs you what the actual amount that you're supposed to cover your vehicles and other things that an agent cannot becoz they are link directly via their system to the hq so no excuses for any misinformation and or others... u still can go to a reliable agent though but be careful and look at their tracks record for your own benefits.. becoz friends in this life one must always look after our own interest first then others around us hehehehehe....

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kak ina, still tak paham la.. patut le org asyik call kak ina je.. hehe sbb bila dah kena, baru le nak kena tanya satu satu kuang3

haslina razali

hahahahahaha ko nih... tulah pasal kadang kadang sebab tak ambik berat pehtu fikir sebab dgn harapan will never ever involved ngan accident kekadang my customer dah bawa keta 40 tahun baru accident sian kan...

My pride and joy

My pride and joy

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