28 February, 2009



fuiyo SARAH makan tak tengok kiri kanan - pehtu faiz tu asik menempek jek nak makan org punya
heran tul mesti tudung senget napa eh?
gelihati tengok minah ni selamba jek dia makan tu tangan papa dan faiz berebut nak makan roti tisu
budak kuat makan dua org ni makan tosai pulak
tangan gumuks sapa tu ada cincin? angkat tangan!!!! oooo PAPA rupanya dia makan chapati
makan makan jek keje depa nih aku jek control tak makan tau....
menunggu dengan bosannya untuk makanan sampai
mat handsome laaa konon
tokay besar menung tengok bola
anak bertuah ni
first time makan nasi ngan lauk pauk
ceh ceria sebab nak makan kot

THEHEHEHEHEHE ya lorrrrrr always date with hubby sometimes have to date your children also mahhhhh so that they don't feel left out or anything... actually since the GENG-upin and ipin started on 12/2/2009 my youngest doter has been pestering me about watching that movie... now generally i'm a bit bias towards malay movies becoz i felt that i do not want to waste my money on movies that will leave me feeling unsatisfied and futhermore it'll always aired on ASTRO in few months so why waste money huh if i can watch it for free (not free laaa i paid for the astro service 100 something but that's not the point) actually last week we already went to the movies with the intention of watching this movie becoz i've read rave reviews about it so was looking forward to watching it.... unfortanely becoz of suraya's tardiness during eating hahahahahha we've missed the 9.20 pm show so her papa refuse to watch the 11.20 pm show and he bought tickets to the VALKYRIE movie starring my former ex boyfriend TOM CRUISE huhuhuhuhuhu(which started around 9.45pm as we've arrived there around 9.40pm) so we've watched that movie with SURAYA long faces throughout kui kui kui so PAPA felt a bit sorry and that's why we've gone to watch that movie last nite but the funny thing is the show for 9.20 pm is fully booked so we still end up watching it at 11.20 pm anyway.... but before we even went to the movies of course PAPA will take us for dinner but do notice that we ate twice becoz after taking the tickets it's about 2 hours wait so PAPA takes us for late supper at a restaurant nearby hehehehehehehe....

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