17 March, 2009


As usual the ice coffees and cappucinos hehehehehehehehe
iced caramel cappucino.... yummy
iced coffee for the big bos
big boss comtemplating the cost of eating for 2 hehehehehehe(maybe thinking next time should go alone instead hehehehehehe)
waaaaaaaaa with the map as usual.....
the blouse that i got ...
the other blouse as per sponsored by his sponsorship...tq honey lap u so much muahhhsss
this one is called daun petai (petai leaves) it tasted a lot like petai yummy i only see this in siam
squid kerabu ..... wey drools --- wait a moment..wanna go and take a tissue to wipe off the saliva from my keyboards...
another angle of the daun petai
red cook beef.. or daging masak merah as the call it
fuhhhh this one the bones soup --- very very nice either this or the oxtail soup is our choice always

nite life in siam-not bz laaa like kl -rather sedentary huh?
which one to buy? see at that serious face brimming with concentration?
waaaaa even in siam they got big foot hehehehehehehehe
cute huh? they don't sell this cute yamaha in malaysia becoz if they do i'm one of the first person that goes out and buy it...
lots and lots of beautiful blouses don't know which one to choose
the thailand and malaysian border
zura this one for u ---- sori got only this pics the others are to blurrrrrr....
infront of the haadyai plaza.....darling did u see that? even siamese people also spelled as they like duhhhhhhhhh.....
they are rather fanatical about their royalty so u got to see a lot these thingy
the movies poster still paint by hand--- authentic huh?

What haadyai again? kuang kuang kuang (nasty way of laughing huh?) actually don't get me wrong ... from my home to haadyai only takes me about 2 hours only futher more my hubby goes there to get his work supplies so whenever he goes on a weekend then i'm bound to follow him becoz he got bored going alone ... atleast with me he can asked for my opinion for things that required a little female attention to details (as if...hehehehehehehe)... so here's the pic.... always on our way home we must stop by this muslim restaurant in DANOK to eat becoz the food is quite good and cheap....

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My pride and joy

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