22 March, 2009

my hubby uncle passed away

at the graves thankfully the rain has subsided during this time
this is the entrance to the graves --actually it is graves for the royalties of perlis-my late uncle used to work for them so he's granted a plot here...
at the family home--somebody took my slippers so have to wait for a bit and getting really hungry at this time

So on friday morning at 8.30 am got a call telling us fadz paknjang who lives in arau perlis passed away... i was getting ready to go to work but changed and we went to perlis...sms my boss telling him won't be coming that day... was told that they probably gonna bury him around 11.00 am but after much decision making(actually another son from kl hasn't arrive) so the family decided to bury him after asar prayer probably around 5.00 pm.... but at 4.30 pm it was raining cats and dogs can u imagine the family felt becoz of more delays? anyway god is mercifull and after 5.00pm is drizzle a bit and gradually stop so the funeral proceeds as schedule... oooo ya forgot to tell rite about 12.00pm received a call from my son telling me that his sister (sarah) managed to get cuts on her hand while washing dishes (apparently she broke the most beloved IKEA JUG that we bought at IKEA...and upon hearing this the father says noooooo why must it be the ikea jug hehehehehehe) no worries honey we get another one when we go home to our hometown yaaaaaaa.....

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My pride and joy

My pride and joy

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