15 April, 2009

1) When was your engagement?
17th September 1992-my birthday hehehehehehe

2) When is your marriage anniversary?
23rd January

3) How long have you know your spouse?
Nearly 17 years

4) How long did you date before you got engaged?
Just a bit over 3 months...(cepat eh dia takut aku kena kebas hahahahahahaha)

5) Where did you meet your spouse?
work in the same co eventhough in different building..we really met at my former's bos house during his open house party  hehehehehehehe

6) What is your spouse's full name?
not to be disclosed

7) Do you have any children?

8) How many?
3 only - 1 boy and 2 girls

9) Do you have any pets?
yes...2 noty little kitties hep hep felt like i want to spank noty...

10)Do you own or rent?
we own few houses - living in one and rent the others....

11)Do you live in the country, city/town?
sort of a very small town...

12)What is your favourite activity you do together?
shopping, travelling, watching movies...eating...

13)Do you have a favourite vacation spot?
any place that have a super shopping complex are good with us....

14)How many siblings do you have incl. in laws?
mine = 5 .... hubby = 0 so all in all only 5 loooooooo

15) What mosque do you attend?
bedong mosque - rarely go there no friend always prays at home...

16)Is this the mosque you got married in?
no...we got married at my village surau in semenyih....

17) What town is your current address?
Bedong kedah

18) Do you work or stay at home?
work all the time even at home still has to rest for the wicked...

19)Where did you go for your honeymoon?
pd..only laaaa becoz there's a time constraint that limited our honeymoon ....:p

20) Leave a piece of marriage advice
if i knew that marriage is fun and heavenly i would have gotten married sooner hahahahahaha but the most important thing in a marriage i suppose is tolerance toward each other ..try to absorb each other good and bad traits...don't try to improve your spouse..let them improve themself and do not hesitate to praise them when they do something good..(it'll encourage them to do it over and over again)...if you're in a fight try to listen out to what each other have to say first and try to give them some space ...don't ever keep any dissatisfaction inside...let them out..but don't shout it out try to reason it out without hysterical...hehehehehe but most of all my dear friends no matter what the argument is all about try to remember that this is the person you chose to marry and think of their good qualities instead of focusing on their bad yup all the best to all of you...insya'allah...

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