28 April, 2009



1. My late father put his daughters name starting capital with H while all the boys with R HASLINA, RAIDZUAN, HANIZA, HAMIZAH, RAFIZAM, RAZMIL AND HARTINI

2. Eventhough everyone that knew me thought that i'm the oldest among all my siblings but i was born second after my older sister whom passed away 6 months before i was born... HER NAME WAS ZARINA

3.Eventhough my mom is a chef i never learn to cook until i lived by myself here in KEDAH hahahahahahaand realization struck me when a colleague of mine told me that it's kinda odd that i don't know how to cook since my mom is a chef

4. I'm a restless kind of person and i got bored easily.. i use to change jobs like i change my cloth hehehehe until my mom got so worried for me and sat me down and gave me a pep talk about keeping ones job to get promoted and bla bla bla...

5. I once applied a job as a pump attendant with a friend of mine during my breaks and was turned down becoz the owner think that i'm too pretty hahahahahahahaha ehem my friend was accepted and she was so upset with the station owner becoz he must've think that she not pretty and that's why she was accepted kakakaka sorry JUE

6. I'm a food lover... i ate all kind of food and i ate a lot

7. I used to weight just over 44 kg and my waist was 24 inch the most but nowadays you wouldn't believe it was me hahahahahaha except for the face anything else has changed a lot

8. I love going to the movie becoz i fell in love with the cinema since my mom and dad are movie fanatics and never failed to bring us to the movie everytime a new film is shown

9. I love spending my free time curling up on bed with a book and i can get lost in a book until 5 to 6 hours at a time...

10. I love shopping complexes so much i greet and love them like those buildings are my own family hahahahahahaha....

11. I love learning new languages ... i use to talk in 5 different languages i sometimes mix them up and made my colleague scratch their head hehehehehehehe

12. I once work as a financial advisor and i got the job without any interview as the owner found me in a cafe and asked me to work for him becoz he thought that i got a really charming smile and can melt peoples heart...that dang guy use to give me the meanest and most difficult cases to settle huh... left after just about 3 usual got bored ....

13. Eventhough use to work as a Financial Advisor but i'm a hardcore shopaholic hahahahahahahahaha

14. I'm known as the Princess at my work place coz my boss lets me get away with just about anything and he's rather stern with the other staff hahahahahahahaha they're saying i'm using a guna guna on my bos chehhhhhh if you work as hard and as good as i am than boss will appreciates you more maaa stupid idiot huhuhuhuhu

15. I'm very bossy and i used to make my subordinates cry becoz i lost my temper with them hihihihihi

16. I'm the most laziest person i known becoz my job at home just requires me to do some cooking and that's it the rest are done by either my hubby or my children ...hmmm come to think of it when was the last time i vacuum or hold a broom in my own home? Not this year!!!!!

17. Yes we can afford maids but i don't like people encroaching on our privacy... and i told my hubby to better gave the money to me....hehehehe for save keeping maaaaa why waste huh?

18. I'm very stingy with my money and get rashes whenever i have to buy something using my own money weird huh? hik hik hik

19. Yes sometimes i'm obligated to spend on my family to have dinner outside of home but thats only once a month!!!!!

20. And eventhough i'm the oldest among all my siblings but my mom and dad spoiled me the most!!! it used to make my other siblings mad at me becoz i can have just about anything i want by giving a list to my dad but with them dad requires the why and reason they wanted it hihihihihihihi

21. I looked and act tough but deep inside i'm a softie i can't look at the O.K.U and orphans without tears in my eyes and sometimes i gets a lump in my throat so i cried privately...

22. I never knew what love was until i met my husband!!!! before that i never felt anything as touching and intense as what i had with him...he's my one and only true love

23. I'm very stern and strict with my children that they are more afraid of me than their father hik hik hik

24. I failed bm miserably sometimes i can only express myself in english that it's rather daunting and tiring

25. I'm very very very friendly and i'm a caring person that peoples sometimes confides in me their innermost secrets but i never never broke that sacred trust by tattling on them...sometimes people i barely know came up to me and have conversation with me for hours... and to tell the truth i love it a lot

so you and you and you yelah sapa yg rajin nak wat tag sila buat eh ngan penuh rasa tanggungjawab so i can get to know u better!!!!

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