25 June, 2009

My prizes

UUUUUUU last time i've entered an ESSAY WRITING COMPETITION and i've posted my essay in my blog rite? so i've won 3rd place and these are my loots that i've received heheheheh
1. Vision 0.8l pot-very very cute even the choc box i received are bigger thehehehehehe ..i've used it for reheating left overs ...sigh even it does not fit my cooker but still....
2. choc box -- waaaa very very good ..the taste is just as i like...crunchy, not too sweet and chocolatey thehehehehehehehehe
3. suppose to be receiving kerepeks...i drooled for the kerepek but unfortunately the sponsors cannot abide and sent me the 4m cloth's okaylah atleast i got another new dress to make yeaaahhhhhhh...
and last but not least
4. tudung ala ariani..i've yet to wear it becoz no matching dress of blouse of similar color..should be getting them soon then i can use it thehehehehehehehe...
please ignore the condition of my home in the background....yes i'm ultra bz so no time to clean the house ...or is it becoz i'm too lazy? i don't know been feeling tired lately...tried to get a good nite sleep but ended up waking few times during d nite...dunno why...why am i so restless? sometimes i'm just sooooo tired i felt like going to sleep all the time...

My pride and joy

My pride and joy

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