15 December, 2009

Surat permohonan yang di tolak!!!!

F.Y.I my youngest doter Suraya ni mmg rajin sangat tulis surat buat kad and mcm2 laaaa keje dia (remember surat utk eric? sekarang dia benci eric sebab eric tak bother pun nak balas surat dia wakakakakkakka cuba ko bagi duit kat dia sure sure dia balas huhuhuhuhuhu) anyway....baru baru ni terima surat plak dari dia.....

depan tulis untuk mama tersayang....alamak apa plak ni? rajin sungguh wat envelope sume

ooooooo application nak duduk semenyih rupanya.....

suruh pangkah or rite dalam kotak tu (f.y.i aku dah pangkah besar besar wakakakakkaka yes mama kijam) then she proceeds on saying things like mama being unfair and what not she doesn't have any friends living around her anymore bla bla bla (actually bestie dia yang duduk belakang rumah tu pi pindah duduk pahang laaa plak) she's bored out of her mind and what not....eventhough.....she control my lappie during i go to work and eventhough there's ps2 to be played and there's always abang and kakak at home to attend to her still that is not enough to satisfy her.... yup she really got great times during our recent visit back to my hometown enjoyed herself to much with my mak usu i guess...she even suggested that i transfer her for schooling in semenyih....but baby i can't ....i must confess something i love you so much it hurts when you say that you're better off living in semenyih than with me....yup i know recently we didn't go out enough to the movies and jjcm or something in particular but please bear a bit and be patient the time will come when mama and papa is not as bz as before and we'll go out and enjoy ourselves like we use to ya ya ya SABAR laaa banyak banyak and baca laa buku cite tu sume lagi sekali...nanti mama bawa adik gi tengok wayang and belikan tortoise cam mama promise tuh insya'allah...

2 doa saya sentiasa cun huuu:

hapPY zuRa~~

alahai.. last paragraph tu rasa sayu je.. sob sob.. suraya, sila baca luahan hati mama tu.. =(

haslina razali

sebenarnya kan nak nangis gak pehtu sat her down and explain the why'sss and what not now no more complaint alhamdullilah

My pride and joy

My pride and joy

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