26 July, 2010

Waktu bila nak guna LISTERINE sebelum atau sesudah berus gigi?

Baru ni gaduh ngan EN FADZ sebab listerine... i told him that we use the listerine after brushing our teeth because kalau kita dah rinse then berus gigi plak so hilang laa effectiveness dia right? tapi dia disagree aku kata u tak percaya u bacalah instruction dia kat botol tu....beriya iya aku tengok dia baca sambil angguk angguk so aku tanya ngan penuh excitement so who's right? dia angkat bahu dan suruh aku baca sendiri....
aku TERNGANGGA okeh...aku lupa plak listerine ni kita org gi beli kat SIAM muahahahahahhahahaha anyhow...aku googled and dapat dah answer dia so untuk EN FADZ this info is for u...

Most mouthwashes and rinses are for use after brushing. Why? Because brushing removes the ingredients in mouthwash from your teeth, reducing effectiveness. There are, however, dental rinses that one uses before brushing to loosen plaque and food particles.

Having said that, here is an interesting page I found that contains some other information about mouthwash:

While you sleep, less of your cleansing saliva flows, so bacteria in your mouth�the ones that form plaque and cause gingivitis (gum disease)�start working overtime. That's why you wake up with that yucky-smelling morning breath. Mouthwashes contain active ingredients that kill bacteria and prevent them from attaching to your teeth.

Read more: When one should use a mouthwash (like Listerine), before or after teeth brushing?

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