10 November, 2010

Open letter for CIK SUE

My dearest darling daughter,
in another 3 days exactly on 13/11 you will be 10 years old.... gosh has it been that long since you were born all those years ago? know this my daughter ...since the day u were born u have brought me nothing but joy and happiness all throughout ur life ...i hope and pray that u will bring many more joys for me ... u took ur bro's and older sis besday date (faiz born on 13/5 and sarah on 11/5 hehehehehehe) pandai kan?
Mama masih ingat lagi masa tu doktor tanya so u nak schedule for operation bila ni? dia adalah bagi few date option so i select that date so that it will be special.... masa u lahir i was half sedated so i could hear u screamed telling the world that SURAYA MULUT MURAI has arrived hehehehehehehhe
U could talk when u were a mere 6 months old...yup imagine my surprise when u told me u wanted to NUM (short for minum) and you grew up to becomes somewhat like me ...someone creative, loyar buruk, very very articulate ...sometimes the depth of those words that came out of your mouth just astounds everybody ... u develop this habit of suka cakap PERLI PERLI orang just like your papa huhuhuhuhu
U were the darling on my side of the family especially my mak usu whom simply adores and doted on you SOMEWHAT some more than her own grandchildren i suppose hehehehehehehe
1 thing about u that i simply do not like is the habit of suka MERAJUK podahhhhhhhhh merajuk konon but u kuat merajuk u cepat sejuk (which unfortunately u got that side from me) hik
hurmmmm apa lagi nak cite pasal u eh? u suka puji diri sendiri sgt kadang bordering on the OVER PRASAN kan but mama will be there to remind you supaya berpijak di bumi yang nyata... i hope u can sometimes control whatever mean things that came out of ur mouth supaya kakak tak selalu belasah u and mama always pray that u will be save always, strive to do better in whatever you do and may GOD bless you forever SURAYA KHAIRUNNISA 

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My pride and joy

My pride and joy

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