06 February, 2009

new books

at the moment reading this one coz i've finished up the taboo already...

the ones i bought from dilla aka mrs k huhuhuhuhu
The first book i bought at chowrasta market at the nice uncles
As i'm a passionate reader (meaning i spent about 2 hours daily without fail cocooned on my bed reading a novel) hehehehehehe so i'm always on the lookout of buying books be it new or second hand books whenever i can get my hands on it thehehehehe i just bought 3 new books from a friend of mine who's selling them online got a special discount plus a free gift that my hubby seems to appreciates very much (guess what is it? kuang kuang kuang?) hehehehehehe at the moment i'm collecting the works of 'ELIZABETH GAGE' all her novels are very engrossing for me it got that sexual element, love, romance and tragic all in one (the kind of stuff i really likes hehehehehe) for me GAGE is very engaging in her story telling i just can't put her books down it's like an addiction hehehehehehehe

2 doa saya sentiasa cun huuu:


kak ina, best yer buku nih? dah abis baca ke lom? umi pon dah tak terkejar buku yg ada ni.. fuhh letihh :p

haslina razali

best oooo nak pinjam ke? dua dah abis glimpse of stocking dan taboo sekarang ni tgh baca intimate dan next in line pandora (cam nick umi laaa hehehehehehe) baru ni gi beli buku kat azni terbeli lagi buku 5 buah (laki aku kata bila laa dia nak baca tuh)....

My pride and joy

My pride and joy

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