19 March, 2009


footing the bill
before going in to watch the movie
love the pickled green chillies yum yum
i had wantan mee with friend chicken dumpling
teh tarik with hazelnut and ice coffee for my hubby as usual
fried kuey tiaw for the hubby
the hubby with the blur face i don't know why hahahahahahaha he's kinda cute huh?
beautiful huh? erkkk i meant the orchid laaa
gorgeous ...never saw a green colored flower before
multi varieties

Yup i know we go on dates all the time that's why i swear we never got tired of each other coz it's rather romantic don't you think to go out holding hands, watching movies and have dinner while chit chatting about what happened recently in our daily lifes hehehehehe... actually we have no prior arrangement to go for a date... my hubby called during the day informing me that our next door neighbour uncle kannan had requested my hubby to sent his doter to the sg petani bus station becoz she wants to go to her brother's house in johor... this doter has not return for the duration of 8 years and she's been living in austria with her hubby... so i asked her what does she thinks of bedong and sungai petani at the moment? she told us that she was rather surprised to see a lot of development going on especially in sg petani area... and it's nice to be back in bedong where times literally goes by so slowly and are very idealic for people running from a stressful workload and hectic schedules hehehehehehe (like me and hubby and to tell the truth we don't miss the big city either...nor the money) anyway going on after we sent her and her 2 niece and nephew then we zoom off heading to butterworth to catch a movie.. arrived there around 9.30 and the only movie playing around 10.25 is the PUNISHER so bought the ticket and since both of us hadn't eaten dinner we headed to the noodle station to get dinner hehehehehehe fortunately for us the noodle station close around 10.30 huhuhuhuhu and while walking around the front door we saw that they were having an orchid exhibition going on til the 22nd march wow really beautiful and rare flowers exhibited there... took few photos of the gorgeous orchid flowers....and of us of course...

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My pride and joy

My pride and joy

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