22 March, 2009


me still white face over the ordeal
my son
my doter
the kfc hehehehehe
yum yum yummmy all incident forgotten
my fav cheesy wedges..
arrrggghhh a tray of nice smelling treats
my sweet darling always looking at the positive side
on our way to the kfc
lonely stretch of road after we left the central square...

OK f.y.i i've been living here in kedah for about 11 years... and i never known that the local govt issued a restraining over any kind of entertainment on THURSDAY NITE (or known locally as malam jumaat) soooo when hubby got a meeting in sg petani i decided to bring the children for a pizza and movie later on.. we've arrived late at the Central Square around 9.30 pm so we decided to go for a pizza first but when we arrived there they told us take at that time they can only do take out orders... what? if i'm not mistaken they closed at 10.30 why do they refuse to entertain dine in at that moment i don't really know so we headed straight to the lift and convened to the 5th floor... and surprise, suprise all was dark and the entrance to the cinema was locked and gated...imagine my horror when i saw 5 sinister looking man heading our we quickly got into the lift and while the lift was closing saw another family with small children heading out to the cinema too i wish and prayed that they'll be alrite then my son told me there's a bowling alley and snooker place at the same floor...huh so that ends our nite out...was thinking really hard and do not wish to disturb hubby during meeting but i sms and told him about our mishaps and i got the idea to just walk to the 24 hour kfc eatery somewhere about 1.5 km away... so as we walked slowly it was rather fun actually to walk under the moon and stars and talking to my children about their daily routines ... hurm i learnt a lesson that day never ever doubt what my hubby told me (ahem actually he told me the cinema would be close but i insisted that during the duration of my life never had i encountered a closed cinema before...) hahahahahahaha... glad i and the children was saved though.. to tell the truth could afford to laugh now looking back at it but i can't forget the panic i felt when i saw that 5 man walking towards us... i imagine something bad happen thank god nothing did...

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My pride and joy

My pride and joy

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