16 May, 2009


Okay geng aku ada join laaa satu forum nih..aku join dah lama dah nama forum tu WANITAMELAYU.COM.. aku jumpa tak sengaja masa tu aku tengah gila menjahit manik so ingat nak cari laa sample sekali tersesat di forum wmc dan terus sangkut sampai sekarang.... ada aku few frens dari wmc mcm umi, zura, ema, g, azni, kakti, naylah dan ramai laaa jugak...iyelah begitulah dunia sekarang dah aku ni duduk pun tak campur org maka berkawan secara virtual laaa kan...
ihiks lari topik daaaa hari tu ada satu thread dalam forum ni buat competition for essay dan aku join =--- uhuks aku submit 2 tau bukan 1 tapi 2 malangnya aku menang tempat ketiga hurrrm okaylah tu i suppose dari tak menang langsung WAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA eh aku supan kan so gelak comel sikit ihiks ihiks ihiks (sambil tutup mulut...zura....control control...) dapatlah few hadiah... aku ni rasa dah bertahun aku tak wat essay in english hik hik hik so rasa mmg essay aku tu tak berapa best...tak sangka lak boleh sangkut 3RD PRIZE huhuhuhuhuhu...sib baik dapat gak periuk vision .... yeay .... ihiks zura jgn jeles tau aku tau ko jeles....:P hik hik hik....
so di bawah ni aku selitlah essay yg ku tulis itu ..... yg menang tempat ke 3 (eh berapa kali ulang daaaa)
She’s in mourning. She’s not mourning over the death of somebody or someone close to her. She is in mourning over the sad demise of her marriage. A marriage that she has built for nearly 20 years. All the sacrifices and memories going down the drain. But she doesn’t felt like she has lost anything. Just some sort of sadness because everything that she took for granted is going down underneath her. Grab by somebody else. Someone whom her former husband claims that will make him happier. More than she ever will.
She sat in her own solitude. Thinking back to where did it all started. At first she couldn’t make out the signs. But later on when she confronted it she started to see a realization. It is just her former husband ways of making her feel down on herself so that he has the excuse and the reason to abandon her. He started by saying that she’s getting overweight and old. She doesn’t cook well enough. She doesn’t look appropriate to accompany him to his company’s dinner and outing. She started working out by taking up yoga and going to the gym at least 3 times weekly. She sheds lots of kilos and she looked and felt better. She went to cooking classes and make up class so that she can cook something nice and looked good. People were starting to notice that she look way better than she ever did. But her ex never even mentioned any of the differences. She felt confused and hurt. What more could he want? When she sat him down and asked him what’s really going on. He confessed that he fell in love with another woman. He can’t seem to forget her. He has to be with her. He wants to marry her. Her heart was breaking while hearing this confession. But what can she do at that moment? She was shocked. Her husband of 20 years is having an affair with a younger woman. Well how can she compete with someone young? She cannot become young anymore. So she gives him an ultimatum either he ended the affair and stays with her or he can divorce her and marries that woman. And the ungrateful man picked that woman!But there’s nothing she can do. Her boat has sailed.
But she will make the sacrifice of making sure that her 5 children are well looked after and taken care of by her husband. After all whether he likes it or not they are still his children. She will never ever tell the children what her husband has done in order so that her children would never looked down on their own father. She’ll keep the hurt and the heartbreak to herself. Let them found out what their father really did to her on their own. It will never come out of her mouth. Not if her life depended on it. She will just tell the children that they no longer love each other. Thus that is why they divorcing. Deep down she knows she can never ever loved another man like she did her ex husband but what can she do? He’s in love with another woman now. That part of her life over. She has to start all over. Being independent is something she’s not unfamiliar with. She took care of her family. And she thank god that she didn’t take up the offer to resign when her husband has asked her not long ago. But for now she’ll put on a happy face as always while celebrating MOTHER’S DAY. Because that all she has now. A mother to her children. She will always hold that title. Her children can never divorce and discard her. For her children’s sake she’ll always be happy for them no matter what. And hope for a better future for herself.

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