18 August, 2009

surat suraya utk eric leong

My youngest doter SURAYA KHAIRUNNISA is a fanatical fan of ERIC LEONG whom is the host of the DEKO BERSAMA ERIC (ch 104 on mon at 9.00pm). So she was whining about our kitchen which was kind of in a really bad shape and sort of old more to retro and deterioting and i told her it's okay PAPA will eventually do the kitchen whenever laaaaa... so that kid told me HUH EVEN MY OWN BATHROOM TOOK PAPA NEARLY 2 YEARS TO FINISH that kitchen? probably until i go to U also cannot guarantee laaa can finish hik hik hik GULP... adoi pening jap... so she told me nevermind laa mama i will write a letter to ask for ERIC's help....
but adik mama don't have any money to pay eric and his service cost a lot of money
she replied "hey he does it for free at the DBE slot!!!" so i told her that people send in their application and got interviews and whatever laaa to do that
so she's writing this letter in the hope that ERIC will read her letter as if fat chance laaa anyway she made me promise to either post this via poslaju or email to eric huhuhuhuhu ... aiyoh... a bit ashamed laaa becoz she kept imagining what if eric does comes to our house? would she be embarassed? or would she'd be surprised if eric yelled out SURPRISE like he always does on TV? hik hik hik... no chance laaa this happening or what but i'm just indulging her right? no harm in that... what i cannot stand at the moment is the dreaded question of HAS ERIC REPLIED ANYTHING? aaaaaarrrrggghhh PURE TENSION ....

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hapPY zuRa~~

ahahha.. funny gile la this suraya.. adeh.. ckp ngan die, if Eric does come to the house, please2 let me know.. nnti auntie zura nk dtg.. hikhik..

haslina razali

kakakakakakaka nak interframe laaa tu.... dreams jek laaaa


kak ina, suh suraya tulis surat utk acik umi lak bgtau dia suh eric wat makeover umah acik umi.. nanti acik umi bg upah RM1000.20 yg 2 kupang tu acik umi bg, yg kat depan tu RM1k claim kat mama lina yg cumil tu hahahaha

haslina razali

waaaaa claim pada saya? adakah patut begitu? yg nak make over auntie umi kui kui kui

My pride and joy

My pride and joy

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