02 September, 2009

Talentime movie

Korang penah tengok tak movie TALENTIME yg di arahkan by the late YASMIN AHMAD? she was one of my fav director...even her commercials are brilliant!!! u know the kind that made you had a lump in your throat and can even make tears falls down becoz of the sincerity and true to nature kinda stuff? yes she was the best...ever... ok since rumah aku mmg subscribe to ABO maka last month ada movie talentime nih...korang caya tak kami sekeluarga boleh tengok cite ni over n over n over again without ever feeling bored? and becoz of special request it was on this month as well yeay.... cite dia mmg relative ngan kita nya masyarakat zaman kini...ada prejudis, bias, ego and sume laa serba sikit not to mention certain funny moments... few funny moments yg unforgettable to me and my family was when the granny (whom arrived from london previously) saw that her grand doter was sent home by a guy and asked...IS THAT MY GRAND DOTER SUITOR? and the father replied MOM MAKE DONNO and the mom asked him MAKE DONNO? ahaks... totally translated from our own BUAT TAK TAU je kan? brilliant something as insigficant as that can be totally funny... i was a bit miffed that her movie MUAALAF was banned here in malaysia still dunno why... yes the late YASMIN creates story that are truly relevant to our malaysian nowadays BUT still there are some close minded person whom cannot accept the storyline created becoz to them it IS sort of promoting free sexs life and what not padahal in actual YASMIN was only telling about a universal kinda loves stories that knew no boundaries.... hurmmmm will we ever find such a great director in this lifetime? i hope we will... and man let me tell you i really hated jacylyn victor character becoz she was a bit nasty to her deaf/mute brother but in the end you know that she's actually love her brother just in a big sister bully kinda way hik hik hik... good effort from jacylyn ...the rest of the cast are brilliant as well... my hubby really likes the guy whom played melkin...the guy who never gave up in his course to be a perfomer hik hik hik...yup still giggling when remembered few of the funny scenes...

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kak ina

i loves her too. so do my encik suami.. siap send freind request tp x akan di apporve kot kat FB.. ms tu belu dia meninggal..

hmmm pelik kan.. why ppl xleh terima and take it as too "transparent" pasal the reality yg YA tried to "educate" us on most of her flims and ads.

al fatihah to arwah

haslina razali

yup alfatihah kat arwah yup nana so true itu yg sedih tu kekadang

My pride and joy

My pride and joy

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